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Duplicity detection / removal for photos from multiple users

If more people submit same photos (like consolidating family archives) multiplicities happen.

My understanding is that current version of monument searches multiplicities in the same account.
So the family archives have a lot of dual submissions that is really unpleasant.


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Monument Labs, 4 months ago
Thank you all for leaving comments. We're making necessary changes.

@Michal - We discussed this internally when developing the deduplication feature and thought each user should be separate and deduplication should work on the user level, not device level. There could be photos both User-A and User-B wanted and they should be able to export/modify differently when they need.

@Spud - thank you for the feedback. We're adding the request to make the images larger to compare; makes sense.

@Jauvane - Actually the current implementation works as you described. Exact duplicates, even the filenames are different are not copied. You can review photos with different resolutions by selecting Settings>Review duplicates and you can choose the ones to remove or keep.

@Koen - This is one of the changes we've been looking at - great to hear that. We will add this to the roadmap.
Spud, 4 months ago
Firstly - really enjoying the app(s). Great effort to all concerned

When previewing the duplicates for removal, it would be great if the images were a little larger - this will actually help in dealing with the 2 comments below (and me with my poor eyesight!!!)

I am using MacOS Monterey.

jauvane, 4 months ago
Just make sure to allow one to remove duplicity photos without removing similar ones. I do understand that some people prefer to remove similar photos as well, but some people (like myself) take similar photos deliberately, in my case to allow animated GIFs to be created later. So, all of them are important to some, but certainly not to all.
Koen Rens, 4 months ago
Please not only add regular duplicate detection, but even similar detection.
Sometimes 2 pictures are taken fast after each other and you don't need to keep both, only the best one.
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