12 Feb, 2022

iOS v.3.0.7

- Add sorting inside albums

• Improve app performance when editing a big number of contents at the same time

• Fix an issue that caused full screen to close after deleting a content

• Fix crash when selecting contents inside an album

• Fix some sections of the app not refreshing correctly

• Fix local data not clearing after migration

• Fix deleted favorites being shown and included in the total count of the preview cell

• Other UI improvements

08 Feb, 2022

Firmware v.3.0.10

• Support non-ASCII characters on FAT32 drives

• Fix an issue where the import can be stuck with no way to cancel

• Fix an issue where after the primary drive is removed, some locations are not show correctly or the desktop app might be stuck syncing

• Fix an issue which causes errors when trying to assign faces to a person

• Fix an issue where deleted photos could be shown in a slideshow

• Fix an issue which prevented a USB drive from being used as a backup

• Fix an issue where adding a SAMBA network backup could make Monument unresponsive for a while

• After QuickImport imports all content inside folders, folders can now be deleted

08 Feb, 2022

Android v.4.0.12

- Show folders in "Add to album" dialog

- Show folder count on albums screen

- Show a dialog when users try to edit an unsupported file format

- Load bigger thumbnails of local files for better preview quality

- Show a final message confirming that factory reset is complete

- Fix displaying very large images

- Fix an issue where a factory reset could not be complete in some cases

- Show an error when sharing too many items that the Android OS cannot handle

27 Jan, 2022

Firmware v.3.0.9

• Fix issues in import album creation where in some cases contents would not be placed correctly in albums or there could be empty albums

• If EXIF has only make or model information of the camera use it, prior to that both had to be present

• Improve network drive adding screens

• Fix not being able to add SFTP backups

25 Jan, 2022

iOS v.3.0.6

Fix wrong content being deleted when deleting contents in full screen

Fix wrong content being shown after deleting a content in full screen

Redesign the “Sharing with” view

Redesign the “View contents from” album filter view

Fix false negative when detecting local network access

Refresh connection information on initial setup when doing a retry

Fix crash when downloading import report on an iPad

Fix issue that caused exporting videos to always fail

15 Jan, 2022

Desktop v.1.0.5

- Go back to the previous location in albums when navigating back from an album

- Fix uploading issues with large files (videos mostly)

- Fix not being able to connect to M2 fro a remote location

- Fix not being able to download an import report

- Fix an issue which causes syncing to get stuck

07 Jan, 2022

Firmware v.3.0.8

• Add an option to format the internal SSD drive (Settings>Hard Drives>[select drive]>Advanced Menu>Format)

• Automatically detect and combine separate photo/video parts of a Live Photo when importing

• Fix a bug that prevented converting a backup to a primary

17 Dec, 2021

Firmware v.3.0.7

* Make USB/SD import faster and improve stability

* Fix not being able to add a backup drive in some cases

* Fix an issue with keywords parsed from EXIF

* Fix an issue where GPS data from US Virgin Islands was not being parsed properly

* Do not show notifications for new drives in the app. Drive information is always accessible under Settings > Hard Drives