15 Jun, 2022
iOS v.3.0.13

What's changed: 

- Improve Monument discover and connect logic

- Fix factory setting time-out not being handled correctly

-Improve email validation link handling 

- Other UI fixes and improvements

19 May, 2022
Desktop v.1.0.8

What's Changed

• Bug fixes and improvements. 

• Updates on the detailed bar for a better user experience

• Change mouse event for date scrubber

• Show camera name for the same cameras when multiple contents are selected

17 May, 2022
Firmware v.3.1.0

What's changed: 

- Enable advanced duplicate detection, head over to Settings > Review Duplicates to see/manage them

- Improve RAW file processing

- Improved location lookup, handles edge cases where location lookup failed with countries such as South Korea, Laos etc.

- Better SSD initialization for new setups

10 May, 2022
Android v.4.0.16

- Fixed an issue with setting up Monument 1

- Fixed opening confirmation links

- Other minor fixes

03 May, 2022
Desktop v.1.0.7

- The auto-upload function has been improved for better performance

- Map view improvements

- Bug fixes and other UI improvements 

25 Apr, 2022
Android v.4.0.15

- Add the ability to cancel uploading

- Fix editing location information

- Fix app crash when displaying some big images

- Other small bugfixes and improvements

25 Apr, 2022
iOS v.3.0.12

• Fix Recents grouping the contents incorrectly

• Fix crash when selecting a name for a face

• Improve app performance when downloading thumbnails

• Improve app layout on iPad

• Other small fixes and stability improvements

14 Apr, 2022
Android v.4.0.14

- Improve the way face tags are displayed for long names

- Add selecting a face tag after tapping on the face region on the photo

- Add the ability to cancel failed uploads

- Fix the serial number validation before the factory reset

- Other small fixes and improvements

31 Mar, 2022
iOS v.3.0.11

• Fix crash on iOS 12

• Fix Live Photos with the same filename showing the wrong photo

• Fix an issue where the app was constantly retrying to upload an invalid file

• Improve app layout on iPad

14 Mar, 2022
Android v.4.0.13

- People screen improvements and bug fixes

- Fixed an issue when displaying shared content 

- Fixed empty people screen after the initial sync