Inactive Drives

I initially used a 2TB WD external drive as the primary for my Monument 2.  After about two months, it went "inactive," and I've been unable to get it back to an "active" state.  So, I purchased a 2TB WD Blue SATA SSD and installed that drive as the primary.  It lasted about two days before it also went "inactive."  I have no way to get the drive back to an "active" state that I have been able to discover.  The Monument knowledge base hasn't provided a solution, and customer support is non-existent at this point.


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Michael Byfield, 8 months ago
I have a very similar situation where my main drive has gone inactive and I would like to be able to transfer the files to a another hard drive but I'm not able to. When I plug my main drive into my Mac computer it doesn't show any files as visible and therefore able to be transferred. How do I solve this?
jbrogan, 11 months ago
Got an email from Monument Support about 24 hours after I posted this. Asked if I had any external drives connected, and if so, to remove them. Also, that I should make sure I am connected to the Monument when checking the drive's status. I confirmed I was connected and that I did not have external drives connected and have not heard back in a few days now. No change to my situation.
11 months ago, jbrogan