Mac desktop app fails to upload all files

I leave the thread below for how I worked out the problem.  The only relation to duplicate files seems to be that it presents with this error. 

Specifically, starting with a freshly updated Ventura Mac and a fresh install of Monument desktop app version 1.3.0.  Drag and drop two new photos to the app upload window and submit, with affirmative messages 2 files uploaded OK.  Inspect photos on Monument, only one photo has been loaded into database.  Subsequent attempts to submit missing photo through desktop app are rejected as duplicates.  Put missing photo on SD card, photo will upload.

This is a bug, causing users to lose images.


Provide more control over how files are detected as duplicates.  I have a photo that won't upload as 'duplicate detected' - same filename, camera, probably size etc. exists in database but wildly different content, date, location and other exif info. I see other filename duplicates from same camera handled ok (2 photos), but this is obviously disconcerting as may not have noticed before.


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rob-miller, 7 months ago
Sadly I now find that uploads from SD cards are not reliable after all. Loading today's photos reports 1 duplicate which cannot be uploaded. Changing filename, upload from card, Mac, doesn't matter. I have one photo I cannot upload because it is detected as a duplicate. I thought I'd been seeing duplicates reported on recent SD card loads but was lazy and let it pass by. Guess I've lost those photos now, which is even more annoying because I changed my workflow so only the good photos stayed on the SD card for loading into the Monument2.

Please, as you've not released any updates for almost 9 months now, how about open-sourcing your software so that your customers who invested both time and money in the product might be able to get a working system on their own?
rob-miller, 9 months ago
I have been able to reproduce this bug: drag-and-drop some number of image files (even 1) to Mac desktop app upload window; reports all successfully uploaded, but easy to see by counting thumbnails that one is missing. Subsequent attempts to load missing image through Mac app fail as 'duplicate', but image file name cannot be found by search on Mac app or other device (iPhone, Monument network backups).

macO Monterey ver 12.6.7, Monument app version 1.3.0
rob-miller, 9 months ago
I am somewhat pleased to find that putting the file back on the memory card and importing on the Monument 2 results in the file being imported, so this is a bug in or related to importing from the Mac desktop version of the app. Nonetheless this is still a big issue in terms of the main use case for the system, and for me to verify the photos imported into the system previously.
rob-miller, 9 months ago
A duplicate of the file (same name with 'copy' appended) can be uploaded, but Unix diff reports the two files are identical.
rob-miller, 9 months ago
I can confirm that the image in question has not appeared in backups along with the other photos in this batch.
9 months ago, rob-miller