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iphone automatic upload fails to upload all pics

Facing a strange issue with the iOS app on the iPhone. Automatic upload is on but Im missing multiple photos from August 2nd.  When turning off automatic upload, going to photos, pressing upload, it shows the photos as uploaded and  greyed out. However, after pressing multiple times, Im able to get a photo not greyed out, can select and upload it. However, nothing happens.  Uploading the same photo manually with the desktop app works though.  Whats happening here? Would a reinstall of the app on the iPhone work to get back into sync?


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Monument Labs, 1 month ago
There are a few reasons why the auto-upload feature may stop working. Reasons include if your primary drive status is inactive, if the app is not running in background, if the connection status is Disconnected, or the app does not have permissions. You can find more information here:
If none of them are relevant, please share your diagnostics and send us a message: so we can investigate this issue further.
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